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 Fire Detection and Control

Fire Detection and Control

FAS Protection can provide you with approved, reliable & very cost effective Fire Detection and Control solutions. The detection, control and fire suppression system release panels provide automatic 24/7 fire protection. Detection options include smoke, heat and flame detection. The control panels process detection signals from protected areas and immediately perform key operations including sounding alarms, shutting down equipment and releasing the fire suppression system.

Fire Control Panels can be simply described as brains of a building’s Fire Protection System. They can simply detect, notify and execute responses to fire. They can control through a fire alarm or notification system. The sensors (that are installed all over the place) can send the information to the Fire Control Panel, then the Panel can send an execution signal for warning then to control the fire.

Accessories include smoke/heat/flame detectors, manual pull stations, horns, strobes, bells, abort switches, maintenance switches, and more.

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