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Deluge and Sprinkler system

Deluge and Sprinkler system

The system is connected to a water supply through a deluge valve that is opened by the operation of a smoke or heat detection system. The detection system is installed in the same area as the sprinkles. When the detection system is activated water discharges through all of sprinkler heads in the system. This system is used in places that are considered high hazards area such as processing facilities, aircraft hangers, chemical storage and power plants. This system is required to prevent the quick spread of fires.

This system differs from conventional Fire Sprinkler System in the same sense that all nozzles employed in the system are open and when water is released into the system it flows from all the discharges devices. The control of water is accomplished using Deluge Valve which is a device that prevent the water from entering the system piping until required. The Deluge valve is open when the detection system detects the heat, smoke or flame detectors. All the system piping is filled with water which discharges from the open sprinklers and nozzles used in the systems. Some systems use the foam concentrate to mix with water and form a solution which can control the development of fire.

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